Struggling to find qualified nurses to staff your facility?

With an aging population and wave of nurses reaching retirement, the nursing shortage in the U.S. continues to be a significant issue for hospitals. The problem is sourcing qualified nurse candidates, which can cost hospitals millions of dollars each year.

Our solution is to bring international Registered Nurses to the United States to work for your hospital. We have access to tens of thousands of Registered Nurses ready to fill your low acuity bedside nursing shortages.

  • Our International RN Program is the solution to your nursing shortage.

Not only do you get access to a loarge pool of qualified nurses, but you will also pay one hourly rate for all hours, including overtime. With rates subject to change, currently, based on Ohio tax rates and a nurse pay rate of $35/hr*. Please contact Chad for pricing.

Refined Medical Staffing will sponsor the internation nurses and will be responsible for handling all aspects of candidate sourcing, immagration, licensing, and onboarding requirements before the first day of employment. We'll also take care of finding housing and providing transportation to/from work for the international nurses.

To ensure a smooth transition, we require a minimum on-year contract commitmment. After that, Refined Medical Staffing can stay on as a contracted employer, or you can hire the nurse as a full-time employee.

Don't let staffing shortages impact patient care and hospital operations. Trust Refined Medical Staffing to provide a solution that mmeets your needs.

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