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With over 20 years of healthcare staffing experience the team at Refined Medical emphasizes and strives every day to set the example at what we believe the partnership between facility and agency should be. Embracing the changing environment of travel healthcare, Refined maintains a culture that has a rich tradition of transforming itself to meet the challenges of the future.

While putting great people in the right roles is essential, our mission is far greater. We want our Clients to be part of the Refined family, where client and healthcare providers both have a voice and are empowered with the right tools to fulfill their mission of improving patient care and lives. Like clinicians, healthcare facilities are also frontline providers. We understand the demands and stress facing all of our clients across the country in these uncertain times. Our network of long-term trusting relationships are built upon our commitment to partnership, communication and proactive service in every aspect of our daily operations. This network provides our clients with access to some of the industry’s most skilled and confident healthcare providers todays industry has to offer.

Refined Medical possess the ability to provide our clients with travel healthcare providers through contract, long term placement or via direct hire within all fifty states. Our database of travelers is vast and includes Nursing, Physical Therapy and Allied Health providers. These are individuals have been prequalified, giving Refined the ability to respond faster when a client has a need.

Our processes tried and tested, continually evolving as we grow and learn, taking a proactive service approach to the needs of our clients and providers.

Refined Medical Staffing is an Equal Opportunity Employer and in compliance to all regulations in regard to The Joint Commission, HIPAA and OSHA standards as well as any regulation set forth by all Federal, State and Local governing or regulatory bodies.

4 Key Principles For Success

Patient care comes first!

Refined Medical joins our Client and Providers in the belief that patient care is always the priority. Refined Medical believes that everyone should have access to quality and compassionate medical care. To that extent it is our belief and policy that every patient has the right to the information necessary to enable them to participate in their own treatment. We encourage our providers to encourage and empower patients to research decisions that reflect their own beliefs and wishes.

Refined Medical and its providers understand that every Client has the right to set forth specific policies and/or procedures regarding Patient Care. It is our policy that all of our providers are responsible to seek out and educate themselves about any such Client policies and/or procedures and strictly adhere to any such policies and/or procedures. We educate our providers that they need to immediately notify Refined and the client if there is any personal, cultural and/or professional belief that shall in any way prohibit, interfere with or delay the providers execution of any such policies and/or procedures.

Providing Quality, Prepared Candidates

Refined Medical’s “First Provider In” program is designed to begin each client relationship with an experienced provider to set the example the outstanding performance and quality our clients can expect from Refined.

Refined Medical is committed to excellence. We thoroughly screen and qualify all providers. We adhere to all regulations regarding The Joint Commission, HIPAA and OSHA standards as well as any regulation set forth by all Federal, State and Local governing or regulatory bodies. All providers must possess no less than twelve (12) months experience within the area of specialty they wish to be considered for, unless otherwise approved by our client(s).

All prospective providers are required to submit an employment application and/or resume complete with a minimum of seven years’ work history complete with dates of employment and facility name and location. If the traveler does not possess seven years of experience, then complete work history reflective of the number of years’ experience they do have is required.


Open ended, timely and honest, ‘Values-based,’ partnership approach. PERIOD.
Every client is assigned an Account Manager. That Account Manager acts as the single point of contact for the client, making day to day communications and issue resolution easier and more streamlined.

Refined Medical understands that communication is a pillar of success and that, that communication isn’t limited to business hours. All of our clients have access to a Refined Medical Staffing representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Refined Medical Staffing may be contacted anytime via email at or by calling our office at 866-206-8685 Monday through Friday 8:30 AM through 5:00 PM. After hours and on weekends an On-Call representative is available for emergencies or situations that cannot wait until the next business day. Simply call 866-206-8685 and select the option to speak to our After Hours representative. Someone will return your call within 30 minutes and must never be more than 20 minutes away from our office or a computer with internet access while on-call.

Expedited Onboarding Process

Refined vows to have every provider prepared to make an immediate impact for your team, your patients and your bottom line.

Refined Medical’s team more skilled and subject matter experts with regards to pre start new hire and compliance requirements. We begin the conversation about on boarding with our providers from the first communication. We make the process easy Staffing team takes pride in getting nurses compliant and ready to work quickly and on time! How? Nurses can complete all requirements from their phone. Resumes, skills checklists, references, competency testing, uploading medical records, IDs, licenses and certifications, filling out and electronic signature of all tax forms and required paperwork- can all be done from the nurse’s phone.

For any Healthcare Provider who is considering travel, "What is Important to you"?
Maybe you feel overworked or under paid in your current position or maybe you just want something new.
Please reach out and let’s have a conversation about WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU.
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