Refined Medical Staffing is a healthcare staffing company based in Ohio, USA with clients in all 50 states, Refined is the culmination of a dream. A dream made real through a collaboration of travelers and staffing professionals alike who came together over the wrongs they saw and the belief that they could things do better.

Led by its founders (Chad, Jay, Wendy, Tim, Bridget RN and Ben RN) who founded Refined in 2018 with the aim of empowering healthcare professionals and clients while creating a high-performance customer centric experience. Our leaderships decades of industry experience paired with our engaging and transparent staff meld together to create a unique and fresh approach that today’s healthcare staffing so desperately needs.

At Refined Medical Staffing we are committed to providing the very highest level of recruiting acumen, offering a proactive and premium of brand. Aggressively acquiring and retaining the best healthcare talent available for our highly valued clients nationwide. In an extremely competitive and ever-changing industry we continually and perpetually refine the experience and aim to exceed our own standards and expectations in addition to those of our healthcare providers and clients. At Refined you are not just another contract or traveler. You are not just another client. You are family and that means everything. We understand the stress that you feel being on the front of patient care. We are proud of you and of the role we play in supporting you. You take care of the patients, let Refined take care of you.
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