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At Refined Medical Staffing, our motto towards Pre-Start requirements is 'Life tastes better in smaller pieces'. We strive to make the compliance process as seamless and stress-free as possible by starting the process early and breaking the process down into smaller tasks to be completed. There are 2 main categories for Pre-Start requirements 1) What you need to be submitted for an interview and 2) What you need to start working after you accept a position. Below is a complete list of EVERYTHING that will be required. We realize it looks like a lot, but it's not, and not all of it is needed right now. A lot of the documents only require a signature and most of the health information only needs to be submitted once.

For Submissions

  • Completed and Signed Application &/or Resume - complete with NO LESS than 7 years of with gaps greater than 14 days explained

  • Release of Info/HIPAA Release Form - used to obtain professional references and/or other employment required items

  • 3 Listed References - A “listed reference” is contact information for a supervisor and/or manager whom we can contact

  • Copy of current, valid license/certificate - If your state no longer provides card copies then you will need to send a separate email stating this

  • Copy of current, valid AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers - If a card copy it must be Front & Back and be signed. If eCard, it must have a QR code

  • Copy of any other special certifications required for your discipline and position - (ACLS, TNCC, ENPC, etc.)

  • Completed Skills Checklist - appropriate for the specialty being submitted for - Must have been completed within 12 months of submission

  • Copy of Current, Valid Driver’s License or US issued photo ID

Once you accept a Position:

  • Photo copy of college diploma and/or official transcripts - your highest degree earned relevant to your position

  • Competency exams - Specialty Specific and JCAHO Core

  • Complete and Signed W-4 form

  • Complete and Signed State Withholdings form - appropriate to the state you are/will be working in

  • Complete and Signed I-9 form

  • 2 forms of ID as listed on the I-9 form - for I-9 verification (Think Birth Cert, SS Card &/or Passport, etc.)

  • Complete and Signed Permanent Tax Resident form (if receiving housing per diems)

  • Complete and Signed Authorization for Direct Deposit form or other bank information - used for payroll: Voided Check, Deposit Slip or letter from bank information verifying account information (original or copy) used for payroll

  • Negative Drug Screen - We will schedule you for this after you get an offer

  • Proof of Measles (Rubeola) - titer OR proof of two (2) MMR vaccines

  • Proof of Mumps - titer OR proof of (2) MMR vaccines

  • Proof of Rubella - titer OR proof of two (2) MMR vaccines

  • Proof of Hepatitis B - titer, proof of completed 3-shot Hepatitis Series or Declination

  • Proof of Varicella - titer OR proof of two (2) Varicella vaccines

  • Proof of Tdap - vaccination within the last 10 years or Proof of TD in last 10 years with a Tdap after 11th birthday

  • Proof of current TB - (1-2 PPD skin test, QuantiFERON, T-Spot TB within the last twelve (12) months or Chest X-ray with proof of positive PPD)

  • Fit To Work Physical - Statement of Physical Health Examination (within the last 12 months)

  • Proof of current Flu vaccination - given after September but prior to April of the current flu season)

  • Proof of Respirator Fit Test - Must be completed within 12 months of start with specific make, model, style, and size of respirator listed

  • Completed and Signed Background Check Authorization & Release form - this is required most urgently to get your background started

  • Completed and Signed Policies and Procedures Acknowledgement - this is a JCAHO requirement, it tells them that we have shared important payroll, process and company specific information with you

  • Completed and Signed HIPAA Acknowledgement form - Explanation of HIPAA and the rights and confidentiality therein

  • Completed and Signed TB Screening Questionnaire - Signs and symptoms questionnaire ensuring you do not have active TB

  • Completed and Signed Blood Borne Pathogens/Hep B form - Explanation of Hepatitis B and requirements of vaccination or declination

  • Completed and Signed Latex Allergy Questionnaire - Signs and symptoms questionnaire identifying whether or not you may have a Latex allergy

  • Employee Covid-19 Questionnaire - Signs and symptoms questionnaire identifying whether or not you may have Covid-19

  • Other Client specific paperwork as required - Clients may have specific forms and or health requirements that they will require you to meet before you're cleared to start work

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